The construction of over 500 km of high pressure pipeline (branches) from the natural gas transmission Main Pipeline network to some of Greece’s major cities and industrial areas has been carried out by a Consortium of companies, of which basic member has been PROMETHEUS GAS S.A. The construction of most of these branches of the National Gas Transmission System (NGTS) started in 1996 and has already been completed.

Nea Messimvria Compressor Station

The project included engineering, procurement, construction and trial operation of a Natural Gas compressor station at DESFA’s (Hellenic Natural Gas Transmission System Operator) Operation and Maintenance Center for Northern Greece, in Nea Messimvria, Thessaloniki. The Station comprises of two gas turbo compressors rated at 7.5 MW each (one in operation and one stand-by), as well as all ancillary installations, and its function is to support the NGTS’s (National Gas Transmission System’s) varying demands in terms of flow and compression of the transported Natural Gas, resulting from consumers entering and exiting the network. Already since December 2012, the Station is in continuous operation pumping millions cubic meters of Natural Gas across the NGTS.

Medium Pressure Branch from Inofyta to Chalkis

The project included engineering, procurement of materials (except steel pipes) and construction of a Medium – Pressure (19 bar) Natural Gas branch for industrial use in the greater area of the city of Chalkis (Evoia). The pipeline has 14”, 8” and 4” diameters and a total length of 20,75 km, out of which a distance of approx. 950 m. is crossing subsea and has been constructed by means of the HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) – method.

Already since March 2013, the project has been completed and connected to the existing Natural Gas transport / distribution network in the area.

PROMETHEUS GAS S.A. possesses a leading position in the turn-key construction of energy projects, such as thermal power plants. PROMETHEUS GAS S.A. and GAZPROM were members of a consortium, together with ALSTOM POWER and VO TECHNOPROMEXPORT for the construction of a lignite fired power plant at the Meliti area in the Florina region. This plant (UNIT I) is the latest and the most modern of its type constructed in Greece, its power output is 330 MW and is equipped with a desulphurisation unit, electrostatic precipitators and solid and liquid waste systems that render it more environmentally friendly. Additionally, UNIT I comprises ancillary equipment and infrastructure with enough spare capacity to support in the future one additional similar unit (UNIT II).

The Unit operates as a base load unit to its full capacity (330MW), as well as to reduced load (up to 40% of the full load), burning lignite extracted from the neighbouring mines. In addition to the electric power output, it is capable of providing an additional thermal load of up to 70 MWth, at any electrical load between 132 MW and 330 MW, for the coverage of the future distinct heating network to the city of Florina.

The Unit is in operation since 2003 and entered into commercial operation in August 2003.

PROMETHEUS GAS S.A. is already oriented towards the cogeneration sector, and the implementation of investments in this area. Furthermore, PROMETHEUS GAS S.A. is a founding Member of the Greek Association for Cogeneration of Heat and Power and disposes all the elements for successful activity in the cogeneration sector.